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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

DIU policies conform to the industry standard.  All advance payments are refundable, within the limits cited below.  

Program Withdrawal Refund

For refunds due to students who have paid the entire program tuition up front, DIU calculates refunds based on the full tuition cost (published cost per credit) and processes refunds according to the Refund Table (see 5.6.3 below).

Enrollment, Cancellation, and Course Withdrawal Fees

Enrollments may be cancelled by midnight of the fifth calendar day from the day the enrollment agreement was signed or submitted electronically. Cancellation under these circumstances will result in a full refund of the course tuition paid. A student may request cancellation by email, fax, or mail. Students must identify the effective cancellation date, which must be on or after the date of notification, and the reason for cancellation. Upon cancellation, all money due to the student will be refunded within 30 days, subject to the following conditions.

A student who withdraws from DIU by 4:00 pm Eastern Time on Friday of the week of the term start will be entitled to a full refund of tuition fees paid, less the non-refundable admission fee. Students withdrawing after the first week will be refunded per the schedule below:

Refund Table

8-week course

Week 1                        80% refund of tuition (admission fee is non-refundable)
Week 2                        60% refund
Week 3                       40% refund
Week 4                        20% refund
Week 5                        0%  refund

Note: The “Week” closes at 4:00 pm Eastern Time on Friday of each week. Any communications received after 4:00 pm Eastern Time Friday will be considered as having been received the following week.

We will pay all refunds within 30 days.