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Notification of Credit Transfer

Transferability of Units and Degrees Earned to our University

Credits earned in other programs will be transferred, provided that they represent:

  • credits earned at similar or complementary programs.
  • no more than 30 credits (or equivalent) or a maximum of 50% of the total number of credits required to complete the DIU program.
  • credits that have been granted by an institution that is recognized.

DIU accepts academic credits earned from accredited/approved academic institutions when the course content is deemed equivalent to our own. The number of transfer credits granted for each course depends on the other college’s definition of its credit system. Credits from a school that also operates on a semester credit system transfer one-to-one. Credits from schools on a quarter credit system will transfer in a ratio of 2/3 semester credit for each quarter credit on a course-by-course basis, rounded to the nearest whole credit. For example, a course for which the student earned three quarter credits at another college will transfer to DIU as two semester credits; a course with four-quarter credits would transfer as three semester credits.

Previously earned credit will be assessed during the admission process.  A $100 fee is assessed for evaluation of external credits.  Please see Tuition and Fees for more information.

Generally speaking, applicants wishing to transfer in credits earned at institutions located outside the United States must have their academic transcripts evaluated and certified by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, Inc. (NACES) member organization.  Exceptions may be made to this rule if DIU has deemed that the information provided and that the region or school from which the transfer is made exhibits sufficient transparency that allows DIU to make its eligibility assessment on its own.  Applicants transferring in a degree need to request a General Report.  Applicants wishing to transfer credits toward specific courses in the DIU curricula must request a Course-by-Course report.

Students should request that the assessing organization send the evaluation and transcripts directly to DIU.  Any fees required by this organization are to be covered by the applicant.

To Apply for Transfer Credits:

  • Pay the $100 evaluation fee
  • Submit official transcripts for any and all of the transfer credits you wish to receive credit for
  • Submit course descriptions for any and all appropriate courses.

Notice Concerning Transferability of Units and Degrees Earned at our University

In general, qualifications from officially recognized and licensed universities are widely recognized; however, prospective students are advised to check with their respective school districts, state, professional organizations and government agencies when licensing and/or credentials are the eventual objective of the prospective student.

It is entirely up to the discretion of the college, university or institution for which a student is seeking admission, to decide on the acceptance of the said student into a given degree program and the transferability of units and degrees to other institutions is not guaranteed.

It is recommended that if transfer of credit or degree is the eventual goal of the prospective student, that the student contacts all institutions in which the student is potentially interested in seeking enrolment to determine acceptance of courses taken at DIU.