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Programs offered are:

MBA Program


Delta International University provides accessible business education programs for students wanting to be effective managers in the increasingly complex and changing global organizational environment.  DIU is committed to providing quality distance education programs.

Program Objectives

1 – Students must demonstrate a high degree of critical thinking and communication skills.

i)  – Students must be able to communicate effectively in the written and oral form and in a way that is appropriate for the existing objectives and audience.

ii) – Students must be able to evaluate information, its sources, critical issues and problems and offer a range of problem solving strategies.

iii)- Students must have the ability to integrate selected information into their knowledge base.

iv)- Students must be able to critically analyze issues using their newly acquired knowledge base and predict possible consequences in the potential implementation of solutions.

2 – Students must be able to apply theoretical and practical skills in dealing with the myriad of potential issues in the corporate decision making process.

i)  – Students must be able to assess the importance and development of organizational human and business issues.

ii) – Students must be able to identify, describe, and explain a range of corporate processes, procedures, policies and concepts that ensure the smooth functioning of small and large organizations.

iii) – Students must be able to assess the impact of outside forces such as the competition, interested stakeholders and the public interest aspect.  This might include legal, ethical, social, economic, technological and international issues.

3 – Students must be able to demonstrate collaboration and teamwork in the learning and problem-solving process.

i) -Students must be able to identify, describe, and discuss perspectives and best practices with regards to a team-based approach to leadership in an organization.

ii) – Students must be able to apply a modicum of interpersonal and leadership skills in team-based learning and work activities.

iii) – Students must be able to exercise the appropriate leadership and management skills in the course of developing a professional approach to the work place and must also be able to differentiate between the two. 

MBA Expected Student Learning Outcomes

1.  to critically analyze an industry and a specific firm within an industry.
2.  to synthesize important relationships across business disciplines.
3.  to interpret ethical and legal concerns of stakeholders and be able to comply with codes and regulations.
4.  to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing ideas and arguments associated with business issues.
5.  to explain and apply analytical constructs to business problem solving.
6.  to design organizations to fit the specific business issues and formulate reasonable and logical implementation decisions.
7.  to recognize and understand the special opportunities and challenges presented by the global business environment.